What's the Best Strategy for Online Roulette?

Plenty of roulette players, both new and experienced, wonder what the best strategy to use is when they play online. A number of people believe that the Martingale system is the best, but it has its drawbacks.

The Martingale System

The Martingale system is the best betting strategy for roulette in theory. In reality, though, the system only works when two circumstances are in place. A player needs to have an unlimited bankroll and the table can't have a maximum bet. In most cases, neither of those circumstances hold true. A player can quickly run of money using the system or run up against the table's maximum.

Other Methods

Unfortunately for most players, there is no best strategy when it comes to playing roulette. Most strategies don't work, either in theory or in practice. Those that work in theory aren't effective in real life. You can't rely on a method of betting to help you win all the time or to help you avoid losing money.

Types of Roulette

The type of roulette you play influences your odds of winning. Most players should choose European roulette instead of the American variation. The American version has an extra number, 00, which increases the house's advantage. European roulette has just one zero on the wheel, meaning a player's odd improve by as much as 3%. There is mention of a brand variant that provides real potential in the world of gambling. The play roulette variations at the site provides new games and promotions within a vast network of casino sites. There is a section for all the classic casino games as well as new titles.

Where to Play

Some places offer players a better advantage than others. For example, Bodog.com offers a bonus that you can clear during the game. Players outside of the US can play at Betfair which has zero house edge, meaning a level playing field for both the player and the house.

Betting strategies will only get you so far in a game of roulette. Instead of relying on a gaming strategy, pay attention to other aspects of the game. For the best odds, a player should choose the location carefully and pick the type of game he plays wisely. The Martingale strategy will only help you out in a perfect world.