Special Options with Online Casino Roulette

By playing roulette online, players open themselves up to a number of special options. Not only are their options to play video versions alone or live versions with real dealers and multiple players, there are also several bonus features that are available only for online players. In order to evaluate these special options with online casino roulette, players need to understand what they need to do to earn them.

Options Just for Online Players

Those who enjoy roulette at brick and mortar casinos are only able to enjoy the game in its most limited form. There are the traditional bets on which players wager, and the results of the game are immediately apparent when the ball lands in a given slot. Players of online roulette have a number of special options with online casino roulette. For example, some casinos offer bonuses if the roulette wheel lands on a special, predetermined number. Players can earn multipliers on their bets or even get credits for other games if the bonus is triggered.

Free Games

Online casinos often allow players to enjoy casino roulette for free. While brick and mortar casinos may allow players to watch the game from a distance without placing bets, online casinos will let players make wagers and experiment with different combinations of bets before they ever even sign up to play. These free games can give players a better feel for the game and encourage them to make more educated bets when the time comes to put money on the game.

By playing online casino roulette, players open themselves up to a whole host of options not available to players in land casinos. With so many bonuses, online players by far get the better end of the deal.