Playing Roulette in a Casino Francais

The basic rules of roulette at jouerroulette are easy to understand, but they may look quite complicated to first time players. Upon entering the game room, the player will likely notice a wheel with either 36 or 37 numbers and a grid upon which bets are meant to be made. Essentially, the idea behind the game is that the 'dealer' or the 'computer' will place the ball on the wheel and then spin it, waiting for the ball to land in one of the 'pockets' or 'numbers'. It is the player's job to accurately guess which number, series of numbers, or color upon which the ball will land. If the player guesses successfully, he or she is paid out according to the pay table associated with the casino francais. If the player guesses incorrectly, they lose their wager and may decide whether to bet again or exit the room.

The game of roulette and the act of placing bets is quite simple once players understand the basics. First, it should be noted that European roulette always provides the best odds and should be chosen above other variants whenever possible. This is because only the European wheel has a single zero; the American wheel also has a double zero that almost doubles the house edge associated with the game. Players can bet on many different color and number combinations. The bet with the worst odds is the single number bet, but it pays out at a whopping 36 to one. Players can choose from a number of other bets, but the best odds are associated with the even money bets. These bets include things like even or odd, red or black, and the first half or the last half of the numbers. Players win even money in almost every casino francais when they wager successfully; a player who wagers $1 will win $1.

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