Making Complex Wagers in Online Roulette

The easiest bet for a player to make in online roulette is the straight up bet on a single number. While the payouts on the wager are pretty good, the odds are almost always against it, making the easiest bet not always the smartest bet. Players instead should make more complex wagers in online roulette, allowing them to combine the best odds with the biggest payouts.

Balanced Bets

The smartest complex wagers in roulette allow for players to get the most coverage of the available slots while combining them with riskier but more profitable bets. The easiest way to do this is to place an even odds bet with a straight up bet. Players get the wide coverage with a bet on red, black, even, or odds, and they are likely to make back whatever bet they placed. They also cover the risky straight up bet on a single number. Then, if they win the straight up bet, they still get the huge payout on that bet.

Using Cross Bets

Other players will combine even odds bets for a complex roulette wager that covers the majority of the board. For instance, a player can place a bet on both blacks and odds. That way they cover a good half of the board with a color bet, but they also get to encompass several of the numbers that are even but black. This gives players the absolute greatest coverage of the wheel with non-risky bets.

Whether players choose to balance their bets or cross them for the greatest coverage, these complex wagers allow individuals to increase their odds of winning money in any online roulette game.