Betting Patterns in Roulette

Many players who enjoy the game of roulette have very strict betting patterns that they adhere to. By establishing these patterns, they are able to make reliable and consistent bets without stressing over each decision they are asked to make in a game. In roulette this is especially handy, as the game is strictly a matter of luck.

Picking a Pattern

In online roulette there are only the numbers 1-36 and the zero and double zero. The kinds of patterns people choose to bet on these numbers vary widely. Some players may choose to use birthdates, their home address, or their telephone number. Others use their lucky numbers. Still others choose to use the available patterns offered on roulette betting tables. These can include betting on the street, any of the corners, or some other pattern they wish to establish on the table.

Features of a Good Pattern

Good patterns are often hard to establish, because where the ball lands is entirely random. Landing on one number in one spin will not influence where it lands on the next spin. However, there are some features of a good betting pattern in roulette. Players will want to have a healthy spread across the available numbers. If the numbers are too clumped up on the wheel, then the player is not taking full advantage of the wheel.

Once they are established, players should stay confident in their betting patterns. By consistently betting on the same numbers, players increase the chance that they will eventually get a hit.